December 2015

Stereo TV

You don't necessarily have to have a 7.1 surround theater system to enjoy your TV programs and sports events. That said, there is nothing like being in the middle of the action with a great surround system. However, not everyone has the budget or perhaps desire to have a full-blown theater system in every room where they have a TV. Yes, there are soundbar options that provide an impressive pseudo-surround effect, but what if you already have a good stereo system and simply want to hook your TV up to it?

It might not be a problem as long as your TV or cable/satellite box can output audio as PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) and you have a digital input on your stereo component. Some of these devices don't have this feature though and all you will hear is a motorboat sound from your stereo. Fear not however, there is a relatively inexpensive solution. There are a few electronics manufacturers that produce a decoder that will result in a PCM output for the digital audio input in your stereo component. These decoders also usually have an analog output that can be used with an AUX input. Almost every stereo component has at least one AUX input.

If stereo TV sound is the route you would like to go and your cable/satellite or TV won't output PCM, try these options - Panlong decoder, Wiistar decoder - that have proven to work. Enjoy!

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