Model:  RMB-1077
Title:  Class D Seven Channel Amplifier

Class D amplifiers are not new. But, to date, many Classe D amplifiers have been relegated to low performance electronics, or limited bandwidth products such as subwoofers. Now, with ICEpower® technology, Rotel’s new RMB-1077, delivers full bandwidth, high performance sound with plenty of power output and very low heat and distortion. The new technology is based on two principals named Controlled Oscillation Modulation (COM) and Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control (MECC). Together, these two designs form the intelligent power processing (the brains) of the technology to ensure that the amplifier’s power supply and output is rock solid even under complex speaker loads or power supply variations. The result is a high power, high performance, multichannel power amplifier that occupies only 60mm of height; a minimal amount of space compared to regular amplifiers for heat dissipation. That’s because the RMB-1077 Classe D amplifier is over 90% efficient and produces almost no heat. The RMB-1077 offers up a lot of power in a small package. At 7 x 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms, it is a superb choice for all but the very largest home theater systems.