North American
Limited Warranty

This product has a warranty against faulty material and workmanship when used in normal domestic operation for the purpose for which it was designed and is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The product is acquired from an authorized Rotel North American dealer and the online registration is completed within 30 days from date of purchase.

  2. Any claim arising out of this warranty should be made either directly to the authorized dealer from whom the equipment was purchased, contacting Rotel or taken to an authorized service center. If choosing to send product to Rotel for a warranty claim, a service ticket must be obtained in advance by contacting Rotel directly. As a condition of Rotel's obligation to honor the terms of the warranty, a copy of your invoice or bill of sale from the authorized Rotel selling dealer must be supplied when requesting service.

    (a) In the event of warranty service being required from Rotel the equipment must be securely packed and dispatched to Rotel's service center or the nearest authorized service depot, pre-paid and if desired, insured by the owner.
    (b) Defective component parts (excluding fuses) will be replaced free of charge and the equipment returned freight paid.

  3. This warranty expressly excludes:
    a) Damage caused by incorrect use of the apparatus.
    b) Loss or damage in transit in either direction.
    c) Contingent and third party liability.

  4. Any service modification or alteration carried out by any person other than the authorized representative of Rotel or their appointed agents renders this warranty invalid.

  5. No alteration or variation of the warranty will be recognized.

  6. This warranty is not transferable.
Warranty Period
Integrated Amplifiers5 years5 years
Pre Amplifiers5 years5 years
Power Amplifiers5 years5 years
Multi Channel Amplifiers5 years5 years
Receivers5 years5 years
Tuners5 years5 years
Compact Disc Players2 years2 years
DVD Players2 years2 years
Accessories5 years 5 years
Remotes1 year1 year

Note: Any products that may qualify for several product categories and include a CD or DVD player (for example RCX-1500, RSDX-02), will be considered a CD/DVD player and carry a 2 year warranty.


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