Stereo Receiver


Although the RCX-1500 is an “all in one” model, compromise is not part of the design.

Power2 x 100 Watts of robust Class D power

USBFront panel USB for Apple iOS devices

ICWolfson premium 24-bit/192kHz Digital to Analog Converter

iPodiPhone and iPad Remote app available

BluetoothBluetooth dongle included

Engineered with care.

RCX-1500 Internal View

Dimensions (W × H × D)
391 × 144 × 343mm
15.4" × 5.66" × 13.5"
Front Panel Height
3U / 132.6mm (5.25")
Power Requirements
120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption
Standby Power Consumption
Net Weight
8.1kg (17.8lbs.)
BTU Rating (4Ω, 1/8th power)
101 BTU/h


Continuous Power Output
100W/Ch (All channels driven, 8Ω)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
(20Hz–20kHz) <0.2%
Frequency Response
Line Level Input: 10Hz - 40kHz ±3dB
CD Input: 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB
DAB Input: 20Hz - 20kHz ±1dB
FM Input: 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB
S/N Ratio (IHF "A" Weighted)
Line Level Input: 92dB
CD Input: 100dB
FM Input: 100dB
Product Description 

The RCX-1500 CD player is the most versatile component we’ve ever offered. Although it is an “all in one” model, compromise is not part of the design. In fact, the RCX-1500 has been engineered using components that you would find in more expensive separates. The DAC is the high-performance Wolfson with 24-bit/192kHz decoding. The amplifier uses our innovative Class D design that is highly efficient, runs cooler than older Class AB designs and provides plenty of voltage and current to easily drive lower impedance speakers down to 4 ohms.

With 100 Watts per channel available, feel free to hook up large floor-standing loudspeakers to the RCX-1500. The RCX-1500 is also a very high quality CD player, based on our outstanding RCD-1520. A front panel USB input for direct digital connection of an iPod or other USB class 2 devices is provided, too.

The receiver’s tuner section includes both terrestrial FM and Internet radio, plus access to premium music services* like Pandora, so your listening options are virtually limitless! There are presently over 15,000 Internet radio stations listed. And in order to help keep your favorite stations handy, the RCX-1500 includes 30 possible presets for instantaneous access to both FM and Internet broadcasts.The RCX-1500 supports both wired and WiFi Ethernet connections.

The RCX-1500, like the RDG-1520, supports UPnP technology and has been optimized for use with Windows Media Player 11 and 12. UPnP devices are “plug-and-play” in that when connected to a network they automatically announce their network address and supported device and services types, enabling clients that recognize those types to immediately begin using the device. Supported codecs include RealAudio®, WMA, MP3, AAC & AAC+ (non DRM), AU, WAV and AIFF.

As if all that isn’t enough, an RS-232 port provides system control and bi-directional feedback. The RCX-1500 is without doubt, one of the most flexible, high performance, single chassis stereo components available today. It may be the only stereo component you will ever need.

More Specifications 
Speaker Impedance
4Ω minimum
Input Sensitivity
Input Impedance
Input Overload
Preout Level
Output Impedance
Network Connection
File Formats (UPnP Music Server)
Real Audio, AAC, MP3, WMA (except lossless), Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, AU
CD Channel Balance
CD Phase Linearity
±0.5dB degree
CD Channel Separation
90dB at 1kHz
CD Dynamic Range
CD Output Level
2.2V at volume 82
DAB Sensitivity
DAB Tuning Range
Band III (174-240MHz)
DAB Audio Date Rate
224Kbps Max
DAB Analog Output
1.1V at volume 82
DAB Antenna Input
75Ω F Connector
FM Usable Sensitivity
FM 50dB Quieting Sensitivity
27.2dBf (Mono)
FM Signal to Noise Ratio (at 65dBf)
63dBf (Mono)
60dBf (Stereo)
FM Harmonic Distortion (at 65dBf)
0.2% (Mono)
0.3% (Stereo)
FM Stereo Separation (100Hz/1kHz/10kHz)
FM Output Level
1.1V at volume 82
FM Antenna Input
75Ω Unbalanced

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