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1. Where did you first hear about this Rotel product?
 Magazine or newspaper ad
 Dealer, salesperson
 A friend
 web site
 Other, where?
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2. What audio related magazines do you read most often?
 Stereophile Guide to Home Theater
 Sound & Vision
 The Absolute Sound
 Audio Video Interiors
 Home Theater Magazine
 The Perfect Vision
 Other, which?

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3. What non-audio magazine do you read most often?
 The Robb Report
 Men's Health
 Business Week
 Men's Journal
 Other, which?

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4. Your age?
 Under 19  20-29
 30-39  40-49
 50-59  60 and over
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5. Who did the installation for this product?
 Custom Installer
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6. About what range is your annual household income?
 Less than 20,000
 Over 120,000
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7. Did you buy this with other components?
 Yes, brand and model
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8. What is the primary use(s) of this component? (check all that apply)
 Listen to CDs
 Listen to vinyl records
 Home Theater
 Other, explain?
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9. Are you the only user?
 Yes  No
         If no, who else uses it?
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10. On a scale of 1- 5 (5 being superior, 1 being poor), how would you describe the experience when buying this product?
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11. Approximately how far did you have to drive to buy this product?
 I didn't. It was purchased from custom installer
 I didn't. I bought it through mail order
 less than 5 kilometers
 6- 15 kilometers
 16- 50 kilometers
 50- 100 kilometers
 Over 100
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Yes, I would like to receive new product information from time to time.
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Limited Warranty
This apparatus has a warranty against faulty material and workman ship when used in normal domestic operation for the purpose for which it was designed and is subject to the following conditions:
1. The product is acquired from an authorized Rotel dealer and the attached warranty registration card is completed and forwarded within 30 days from date of purchase.
2. Any claim arising out of this warranty should be made either directly to the authorized dealer from whom the equipment was purchased or to Rotel's authorised distributor in the country where you made your purchase (click here for distributor list). As a condition of Rotel's obligation to honour the terms of the warranty, a copy of your invoice or bill of sale from the authorized Rotel selling dealer must be supplied when the product is presented for repair.
3. (a) In the event of warranty service being required from Rotel the equipment must be securely packed and dispatched to Rotel's authorised country distributor or the nearest authorized service depot, pre-paid and if desired, insured by the owner.

(b) Defective component parts (excluding fuses) will be replaced free of charge. paid.

4. This warranty expressly excludes:

a) Damage caused by incorrect use of the apparatus.
b) Loss or damage in transit in either direction.
c) Contingent and third party liability.

5. Any service modification or alteration carried out by any person other than the authorized representative of Rotel or their appointed agents renders this warranty invalid.
6. No alteration or variation of the warranty will be recognized.
7. This warranty is not transferable

The WARRANTY PERIOD may vary from country to country and by product category. Please consult your national distributor (click here).

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Important Notice: Please fill in this on-line warranty registration or mail in your warranty card within 30 days of purchase to ensure owner registration of your Rotel component.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Warranty Period - Please contact your country's distributor for details (click here).
Rotel Europe Privacy Policy

Rotel Europe values the privacy of its registered users. This page explains our privacy and data-protection practices. Collecting personal information helps us to provide information and services that are valuable to Rotel owners and other users of this web site. It also helps us to develop new services and offers that meet your personal needs and tastes.

What information is collected?
The main information we collect is that submitted by Rotel customers in the Warranty Registration Form. This information enables us to register you for your warranty rights. In addition, information is compiled relating to the browsing patterns of visitors to this site. This information is only analysed in general terms - no individual registered user is identified.

How is the information used?
Any personal information you give when completing the Warranty Registration Form is only disclosed to anyone outside of Rotel where it is required to fulfil one of our free or money-saving offers. Rotel will use aggregated information about registered users, in order to improve our service to you. Site traffic information is used to determine which areas and services in the site are popular with visitors. Again, this helps us to improve the online services we provide to you. If you provide your e-mail address to us it is used to send you information about important changes and improvements to the site, and to the Rotel and / or B&W product range. Each time you receive an e-mail from us you have the option to decline to receive further marketing information of this kind.

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