Sep 5, 2023

Rotel RMB-1587MKII and RMB-1585MKII Launch

Introducing two Powerful Home Theater Multi-Channel Amplifiers from Rotel

Tokyo, Japan (September 5, 2023) – Rotel is delighted to introduce our highly anticipated launch of two cutting-edge Home Theater Multi-Channel Amplifiers: the RMB-1585MKII and RMB-1587MKII.

These exceptional amplifiers proudly embody the rich heritage and tradition of Rotel's proprietary Class AB amplification technology, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality.

RMB-1587MKII Class AB Amplifier
The RMB-1587MKII delivers 7-Channels of Class AB amplification, powering 155 Watts per channel, with all channels driven into 8 ohms. The amplifier further achieves 250 Watts per channel at 4 ohms, with all channels driven, and outputs a staggering 335 Watts per channel in 2-Channels.

Powered by dual in-house manufactured high-current toroidal transformers, driving 8 high-efficiency bulk storage capacitors, this amplifier ensures exceptional reserve power storage totaling 120,000uF. The power supply architecture delivers deep, controlled, and rich bass energy, even when driving the most demanding speaker loads. Following Rotel's MKII design architecture, the RMB-1587MKII incorporates circuit and component upgrades in both the power supply and amplifier stages further refining the audio with stunning clarity.

The amplifier features convenient auto-switching XLR Balanced and RCA inputs, along with a 12 V trigger input and output for simplified power control. To optimize cooling, the RMB-1587MKII is equipped with 4 thermostat-controlled, variable-speed ultra-low-noise fans.

The RMB-1587MKII is available in both black and stylish silver colors.

RMB-1585MKII Class AB Amplifier
Designed to impress, the RMB-1585MKII delivers unparalleled performance with 5-Channels of classic proprietary Rotel Class AB amplification. The amplifier effortlessly delivers 210 Watts per channel into 8 ohms and an impressive 340 Watts per channel at 4 ohms, with all channels driven. When driving 2 channels, the amplifier excels even further, reaching an astonishing 440 Watts per channel, ensuring optimal power distribution even under extreme loading conditions.

Utilizing dual in-house manufactured oversized toroidal transformers and 8 high-efficiency bulk storage capacitors totaling 120,000uF, the RMB-1585MKII produces controlled, deep bass while maintaining finesse and detail in the midrange and high frequencies.

The amplifier incorporates upgrades and improvements in both the power supply and amplifier gain stage circuits, leveraging Rotel's advanced MKII design architecture enhancing detail and precision.

This intuitive amplifier features a rear panel switch conveniently allowing the amplifier to be configured as a 3-Channels amplifier supporting Bi-Amp mode of Channels 1+2 and 4+5. When Bi-Amp is enabled Channels 1+2 automatically utilize source input #1 and Channels 4+5 automatically utilize source input #5 allowing individual, isolated amplifiers routed to the speakers HF and LF drivers. This unique configuration ensures precise signal path routing, effectively separating the High Frequency (HF) and Low Frequency (LF) drivers. The resulting audio enhances resolution and provides higher drive power to the loudspeakers.

The RMB-1585MKII offers versatile support for XLR Balanced and RCA inputs, with auto-switching to the connected inputs. It also includes a 12 V trigger input and output for simplified power control.

Equipped with four ultra-low noise, variable speed cooling fans that are CPU thermostat-controlled, this amplifier ensures optimal cooling performance.

Like its counterparts, the RMB-1585MKII is available in both elegant black and sophisticated silver colors.

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