July 2019

Introducing the newest Rotel Remote App for iOS

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest Rotel Remote App. This app allows you to control your networked Rotel stereo preamp or integrated amplifier from the convenience of your Apple iOS device.

For those who have used the Rotel 14 Series or Rotel 15 Series Apps on the App Store previously, this app is a completely new experience that will be replacing that app. If you have never used a Rotel app before and have an iOS device (and one of the compatible Rotel models), this is a great reason to try it out.

Rotel Remote App

Getting Started

For starters, you will need the following:

  • An iOS device that is connected to your home WiFi with the Rotel Remote App installed from the App Store.
  • A compatible Rotel model that is connected to your home network via the rear panel Ethernet port.

Rotel Power Mode Setting

In order for the App to be able to detect and power on the Rotel device on the network when it is in Standby mode, you need to ensure the device is set to ‘Quick’ power mode.

If the Rotel device is in ‘Normal’ power mode the App will only connect when the Rotel device is powered on. If the device is powered off either via the App or other means it will not be able to reconnect until it is powered back on.

Note some regions do not allow “Network Standby” and this option may not be available depending upon the installed software in the Rotel unit. In this case the App will not power on the Rotel unit but will control the unit when it is powered on. In these regions, with the exception of the RC-1590, the software can be updated to the latest version to support the “Network Standby” feature.

Rotel Software Version

Depending upon the Rotel model, you may need to update the software on the device for it to work with the App. The list of compatible models below includes the minimum software version required.

ModelMain software version
A14V2.31 or newer
RA-1572V2.70 or newer
RC-1572V2.70 or newer
RA-1592V1.55 or newer
RC-1590V1.40 or newer

To check the currently installed software, press the MENU button on the front panel repeatedly to cycle through the Setup Menu options until you reach the Software Version menu.

If an update is required, with the device connected to the internet via rear panel Ethernet port simply press the ‘+’ button when viewing the currently installed software version to check for new software. If an update is available press the ‘+’ or ‘ENTER’ button at the update prompt to download and install it.

Using the App

Rotel Remote App


When the app is first launched it will begin searching for a Rotel device on the network, this usually will take a few seconds. When a device is found, it will sync the unit’s power, volume and current source to the app.

If a device is not found, confirm the following:

  • The Rotel model is connected to the network and has an IP address assigned.

  • The iOS device is connected to the same network as the Rotel model.

  • If the Rotel model Power Mode is not set to ‘Quick’ make sure it is powered on.

Adjusting Volume

Meet the virtual volume knob.

Simply move the volume knob in a circular motion to raise or lower the volume, with the leftmost side being minimum and rightmost maximum volume. The mute button is located directly in the center of the “knob”.

Selecting Sources

The currently selected source is displayed along the bottom of the screen. To change sources, use either of the arrow buttons or just swipe along the bottom section to toggle through the available sources. Once you have selected the desired source, it will switch within a few seconds. To switch immediately, tap on the source section after selecting the source.

Power Control

The power button is revealed by tapping on the ‘Rotel’ banner along the top of the screen.

When the Rotel model is set to ‘Quick’ power mode the App can power the unit on or off. If the unit is set to ‘Normal’ power mode it can be powered off from the App, but this will disconnect it from the network so it will not reconnect to the App until it is powered back on again.

Checking the Software Version

You can check the currently installed software on the Rotel model by swiping up on the ‘Rotel’ banner along the top of the screen.

Download on the App Store

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