Jan 2022

Software and Hardware Update to Rotel Internet Radio Products

Software and Hardware Update to Rotel Internet Radio Products

Rotel is pleased to announce new software supporting Internet Radio Services for the following models:

  • RT-1570 
  • RDG-1520 
  • RT-12 
  • RCX-1500 
  • RT-09

These models can be updated either via a software update or hardware + software update depending on the current software/hardware version in the unit to restore the Internet Radio functions.  


Software Update

Models running Internet Radio Software V266-a-137-a-014 or newer can update the software via the Internet following the steps below.  No hardware modification is required for this update.  Note: A FACTORY DEFAULT via the remote control setup is required after the software update to fully activate the new streaming service.

Software + Hardware Update

Models running Internet Radio Software V266-a-137-a-003, V266-a-137-a-007 require a Hardware and Software update.  A new Internet Streaming module Rotel Part #: 501E-1576A-A ( RT-1570, RT-12 ); 501E-1576A-C ( RDG-1520, RT-09, RCX-1500 ) is required.  The update should be performed by a qualified dealer or approved service center. 

Please note Internet Radio streams are subject to change and the catalog of available stations varies based on location, stream type and at the full discretion of the station

Suggested retail pricing for the Streaming Module Hardware is listed below.  Installation fees are not included.

Suggested Retail Pricing 

$120 USD, €120 Euro, £100 GBP

For more information please contact your local dealer or regional distributor.



Q: Which Rotel products use the Reciva Internet Radio Service?

The following, now discontinued models used the Reciva service - RT-12, RDG-1520, RCX-1500, RT-09, RT-1570.

Q: How do I update the software in my unit?

The Software Update menu can be found in the setup menu by selecting <Settings> → <Upgrade Firmware>

Q: How do I determine the software version running in my unit?

Software Version information can be found in setup menu by selecting <Settings> → <Version>

Q: My unit doesn’t have V266-a-137-a-014 or newer software version, what happens now?

Without version V266-a-137-a-014 or newer it will not be possible to download the online update.  A qualified dealer or service center can replace the streaming internet radio module containing the latest software to restore Internet Radio functions. 


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