Home Theater, Hi-Fi and Custom Installation

The world of hi fi and home theater is often a confusing place. It is filled with acronyms, jargon and sometimes misinformation. How is anyone supposed to feel comfortable purchasing a system if they don't understand what they're buying? Rotel to the rescue!

On this Web site are many resources to help you find the home theater system of your dreams. There's a "how to" brochure for putting together a home theater system, and animated Flash presentations that show you how to connect your Rotel home theater system components and setup the OSD's (On-screen displays), and newsletters that keep you up to date on new technologies. You can also locate an authorized dealer nearest your home.

The Rotel Audio / Video Encyclopedia is available for the enthusiast who wants to know everything about hi fi and home theater. From explanations of how speakers work to a fundamental understanding of various technologies such as Dolby, DTS, and HDCD.

Rotel designs and manufactures audiophile quality, home theater electronics components including, surround sound processors, integrated amplifiers, pre amplifiers, stereo pre amplifiers, power amplifiers, stereo power amplifiers, multi channel amplifiers, receivers, surround sound receivers, tuners, CD players, DVD players, surround-sound receivers and preamplifier processors, multi-room hifi systems, along with remote controls and other accessories that simplify system integration and feature Dolby Digital 5.1, THX, dts and HDCD. Rotel offers comprehensive information and guides to home theater design and custom installation.

Rotel was founded in Japan in 1963 by a family whose passionate interest in music led them to manufacture high fidelity home theater components of uncompromising quality.
"Built from the inside out" is how Rotel alludes to the fact that they use the finest internal components from all over the world, making Rotel one of the 5% of audio and video manufacturers who insist on this level of quality.