November 2015

RC-1590 and RB-1590 named “Best of 2015”

Our new preamplifier and power amplifier reference system was recently named “Best of 2015” by Hi-Fi News in the U.K.. The duo received high praise for it's superb sound, build quality and value.

Some of the review highlights include:

"Both preamp and power amp are solid, neatly turned-out and have controls with a precise and well-engineered feel. And as you'll see from the internal shots on these pages, both also have a clear, logical layout, and use high-quality components"

"The detail on offer here is always impressive, particularly in the way in which ambience and the size and acoustic character of a recording venue is conveyed - and especially so with higher resolution files. It just goes to show that this heavyweight amplification isn't all about 'going loud', but rather it has refinement and clarity to match its muscle."

"It does a fine job of delivering a wide range of music with detail and excitement intact. That Rotel has managed to offer all this for very sensible money, along with wide-ranging input flexibility and fuss-free behaviour, is a tribute to its design and manufacturing."

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