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Join our members club! Benefits include a wealth of educational resources and new product updates. There’s a “how to” brochure for putting together a home theater system, and animated Flash presentations that show you how to connect your Rotel systems and setup the OSD (On-screen display). There are newsletters that keep you up to date on new technologies. We have also put together an industry reference Audio/Video encyclopedia and The Electronic Home Dreambook, a “what if” book of ideas for home entertainment systems. Join now and start enjoying all the benefits!
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Rotel Encyclopedia Rotel Home Theater Guide
The Rotel Audio/ Video Encyclo-pedia is for the enthusiast who wants to know everything about hi fi and home theater. From explanations of how speakers work to a fundamental understanding of various technologies such as Dolby, DTS, and HDCD etc., it's all here in nearly 300 pages with four color illustrations. To access a downloadable version please join our Rotel Members Area. Our "Home Theater - What you need to know" guide for those who want to know a little more about how to put together a really good system, but don't necessarily want to know all of the underlying technology.

To access this item please join our Rotel Members Area where you'll have access to this file and several other resources.