Model:  RMB-1555
Title:  Multichannel Power Amplifier

As well-received as Rotel’s CD players have been over the decades, the company’s power amplifiers have been perhaps even more admired and critically acclaimed. That’s due to Rotel’s insistence that “less is more” and proof that the company’s renowned Balanced Design Concept, which emphasizes simplicity and precise execution of proven engineering principles, honors its commitment to accurate and enjoyable musical reproduction.

Now this same attention to detail – and the same vitality in sonic reproduction – is available for multichannel music aficionados as well as videophiles searching for the best in movie soundtrack recreation.

Case in point: the remarkable RMB-1555 multichannel power amplifier. Whether used in a powerhouse home theater system, as a distribution amplifier for several independent zones in your home, or as the foundation of a remarkably flexible multichannel music system, the RMB-1555 fulfills the promise of Rotel’s heritage.

Power output is conservatively rated at 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms and this is with all channels driven to full output. With all but the most demanding speakers located in extraordinarily large rooms, the RMB-1555 exerts the kind of precise control that presents both nuance and bombast correctly from the faintest flute overtones to the subterranean rumble of an approaching apocalypse.

Its capability comes from a remarkably stable power supply based on a Rotel-designed and Rotel-built toroidal transformer that provide precise voltages at high current to subsequent circuit stages. In addition, the toroid shape itself reduces stray emissions that might otherwise interfere with signal transfer.