Model:  RA-1062
Title:  High Current Stereo Integrated Amplifier

The RA-1062 is the evolution of Rotelís highly regarded RA-1060. The design team spent hundreds of hours evaluating individual component performance from input to output. Chief among these improvements is the UK designed and manufactured T-Network power supply capacitor. These premium grade components follow the tradition of our Slit Foil capacitors by incorporating tiny perforations in the capacitor foil to reduce distortion. Even more significantly, the T-Network capacitor has multiple connections that effectively create several smaller capacitors within a single larger body and thus ensure far lower voltage intermodulation between input and output. The result is a striking portrayal of musical subtleties supported by a deep, well defined and accurate bass-line. The RA-1062 complements a MM phono stage with inputs for Tuner, Tape 1 and 2, CD, and Aux. A 12 volt trigger, IR remote input, speakers A & B selector, headphone output, balance control, and contour switch.