Category:  CD PLAYERS
Model:  RCD-1570
Title:  Compact Disc Player

Those who havenít heard Rotelís RCD-1570 might believe that thereís nothing new in CD players. Those who have heard it tell an entirely different story.

Since 1982, when the CD was introduced, Rotel has been refining technology and evolving circuitry to bring you extraordinary sound. The RCD-1570, the outstanding CD player in RotelĎs 15 series, focuses careful refinements to reveal even the most subtle nuances buried in a CDís pit spiral.

One of the RCD-1570ís most important features is the Wolfson WM8740 digital filter/stereo digital-to-analog converter. Originally developed for high resolution sources, it is the product of extensive research and real world testing and processes digital signals up to 24-bits in length at sampling rates from 8 kHz to 192 kHz.

While word lengths and sampling speed may seem excessive for CDs delivering data at far lower rates, this high speed facility adds reserve capability to ensure proper reproduction under all circumstances. As the most crucial link between a CDís digital data and the analog world in which we listen, this converter boasts significant attributes in addition to its superb high resolution capabilities.